Schubert Schwanengesang, Pianoforte Foundation Chicago | Eugenia Cheng, Piano

“Sous Les Charmilles” Byron Colby Barn Grasylake IL | Brandon Acker, Theorbo

“Il Trionfo del Tempo” Handel, Pick-Staiger Concert Hall | Third Coast Baroque

“Venite” Monteverdi, Lutheran Memorial Church of Chicago | Third Coast Baroque “Song of Song”

“Melodies Populaires Grecques” Ravel, “Ariettes oubliées” Debussy, “Contraponientes” E. Wickman, Pianoforte Foundation | Daniel Schlosberg, Piano

“Master of Disguises” K. Young, Constellation Chicago | Fonema Consort

“Composition #255, IV” Anthony Braxton | Fonema Consort

Pasos en Otra Calle | Fonema Consort
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